You Are Worthy

First March words! Yey! Finally got to pen something. Go check out Clay Dance Co, people!


Hola Amigos!

Easter is here!

It is at such a time as this when we also take the moment as a dance ministry to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus through energetic movement! I must add that this is a great opportunity and always an honour to be part of something bigger and it goes without saying, that we take this time to remind each other of God’s ultimate gift to us; His son, to encourage us to reflect the season with even more giving than we already have through the year.

The week of Easter is Passion/Revival week at Watoto Church, importantly to have the opportunity to share in fellowship as a church in remembrance of the sacrifice that was made for us in exchange for our lives. A time in which we pray that we can stay or come back to the first love we had. A time…

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It’s weird.

I try to be low key

Keep my new excitements at bay

But it doesn’t make any sense either

Because, isn’t he better off?!

But we are not. I am not.

It’s bitter sweet.

But mostly bitter.

In this course of life since Tuesday,

I find myself thinking,

What he would do/think in my position

I pretty much try to emulate him.

If I don’t, I feel like such a waste…

…Of friendship.

And now, without him,

Even the Internet is different.

It is sadder, meaner, and less sane.

I’m sorry I keep writing about him. And reading his eulogies.

Nev, I thank you for your well of life i drew from. ❤


Me. Again.

Vis ses senere. ✌

No One Asks For It.

Here’s my short note. #MeToo

I went to work today (i wrote this on Friday). My work station really is basically in the field, with people pretty much all ages; babies in class, to the old man sitting in his administrative office. My basic dress code is just that. Basic. You will occasionally find me wearing a t-shirt or a blouse that’s usually loose fitting, and jeans, usually loose fitting as well, save for some rare instances. I am talking about my clothing because a lot of people attribute sexual harassment to dress code.

This particular male teacher whose program I really had to interrupt because i am permanently scheduled, kept going on about how he “appreciates” my smartness. He said it almost 50 times, much to the bemusement of an older female teacher. The tone with which he used, is what got me frowning rather than taking the compliment. He also kept on referring to me as “ka girl” regardless of the fact that we could be the same age. I low-key did not feel respected but i let it slide.

“i have appreciated the ka girl. I have appreciated her smartness, this ka girl” (repeat 10 times)

Now i am not being modest. There’s nothing on me that made me specially “smart”. Some teachers looked nicer than me. I was only wearing some kind of lipstick(although it’s a dull colour) that stood me out from the teachers around me.

I’m just saying the guy was weirdly overreaching with his compliments. I’m also just saying that if I wasn’t amidst other teachers, and by myself, he probably could have said weird(er) things that I’d have lashed out back at him before taking the matter to his head teacher. I know it because I can tell. I mean, the other day a person who met me once, that I’m supervising, just started to call me baby like he was entitled, so he could have his way. I went up in flames.


Sexual harassment is as real as it gets. Forget the downtown groping, that’s another one…it’s worse that in the places we think we’re “supposed” to feel safe, it’s done in the most subtle ways that leave you holding your shoulders in, with discomfort. We now have to look out for ourselves EVERYWHERE we are, and happen to go.

I’m just saying we ALL have a story.

I’m sure these things happen to men too. And i guess it’s harder for them to come out. I just want to say that regardless of what’s going on, as we keep our guards up to stand up for ourselves, we can be each other’s strength. People that have been through worse, been violated, been robbed of innocence, could use your shoulders and ears.

Listen to, love, and protect your neighbour. 



Guest Post: Thoughts of Sunshine

Well, i am a little tooooo late for #NationalPoetryDay but i still couldn’t let this one pass.

This here is a completely cool friend of mine who decides to beautifully pen a brief poem. Once upon a time he published them on the world wide web, but not anymore. Apparently he grew up. Hahaha. I wonder where that leaves the rest of us!

Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you my first guest post(er),  John Wafula. 

That’s the picture painted when the windows open, this morning.

Moaning, sounds of the moment pleasure-yawning when sun is dawning,

Daunting, thoughts run up and down on tracks of ponder, in wander;

I wonder, how you are this morning with your glory eyes, shining like the sun.

That’s the picture you are when your eyes open, this moment.



The beautiful Subtle royalty, (i have never seen or met her) nominated me for this tag some granaries ago. Haha…but not too long ago. She’s awesome because her blog is “for those people up there” and i immensely enjoy reading it. Thank you, for giving me another reason to blog. Gwe asinga. Please, i present to you, That Writer Chick!

The rules are as follows;

1. Thank and link the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions asked.
3. Tag other 10 bloggers to do same .


Bed all day!! I mean… reading on the couch? What do i call myself… I don’t take life that serious sometimes.


Female main character it is. I love to read other women’s train of thought. To feel myself in the position they are in, and how i would have handled the same situation being that I’m female. It’s fun. I think.


On that note, i am a very balanced person. Every time i go out to get a snack, half my purchases will be sweet and the other half will be salty. I can’t tell u which i prefer.


Trilogies. When a story gets too long, I’d abandon the book. I love reading, but not the same book for months. Yeah, it takes months for me to finish a book; not that I’m too slow, but i take a couple of pages at a time.


Oh goodness… First person!! Uh, i love how it can be so deep, it starts to cut through you. I want a whole library of those!


If you read a book in the morning, i don’t know what planet you might come from because I’d like to visit so I can see how you do it.
I read at night. Way into the night. When the noises are down and i can only hear the mosquitoes above my head. Same for writing. It is 23:06 as I type this answer.


You people, first chill bookstores. I LOVE libraries! There’s something about them. It is in a library that you find some book that gathered dust, which happens to be in your to-read list. Or a book by an unpopular writer, which could have made best-seller.
The books in a library have that priceless book smell that you just can’t trade for nothin’!


I’m emotional kabisa. I like sad stories. Or sweet stories that will make me cry eventually. I basically hunt for those kinds of things; books and movies. So someone out there reading this, if u have a book that makes people like me cry, please allow me read it.


What is that… Haha, but i know how the colour of the cover attracts my attention.
Black book covers for me.


Plot driven stories. Plot driven stories. Plot driven stories.

So my nominees are;
I will not nominate 10 bloggers because… I’m just going to break that rule.

1. @Jay_Layado, don’t take too long on this one *runs and hides*

2. @mpozii , here’s to cool new friends. I look forward to reading your take on that above!

3. @proverbialfaith, i am curious. 🙂

4. @gloswaan,  there’s no nomination without you. Even if you might have already been nominated!

5. @omuwanguzi,  what i have said about @gloswaan.

6. @Callme_Massie, you have the highest number of comments on my blog. Thanks alot!

…Break a leg y’all.

Women @ Desks.

Sometimes I want to think that a woman behind a desk, is the worst thing that ever happened to the corporate world. Believe me. Sometimes.
I’ve had quite a number of encounters with these women, and I can assure you those were not experiences to treasure because every time I turned to leave, I prayed for an opportunity to “show them how its done” show these women (I am strongly refraining from calling them ladies because I think they hardly act like it) what respecting people, regardless of their age, really means. And what it means to work with people, the importance of smiling at strangers, and to be at the frontline of the enterprise, to be the definition of that business. But a friend once wrote, “A customer who is angry and says nothing is a customer you have lost.” So I leave, and never get back to that office.

The other day, I had to gather 6 signatures for my final year students’ form so I can be at par with the responsible administrators before I graduate next month (yay). So anyway, even if the registrar is available, he can’t sign before the librarian because his signature comes 5th and the librarian’s is first. I made way to the library and this lady, sorry..woman, who looks like all she does is sit all day and eat, was actually eating; her fingers all oily eating the last bit of her food, fish head and stuff. Her eyebrows shooting up like as if to her hairline, she looked up at me as I told her what I was on about; sounding very disturbed, she went like “come later, I’m eating” then gave me 30 minutes.
Half an hour on the dot, I went back and when she took my form, she started to read my name trying to mumble the pronunciation and her face changed and wore this tired, confused but yet disgusted look then she asked “banange how do you pronounce this name and which country do you come from?”
Believe me, by this time I was done putting up with being polite, and the intimidation that comes with it. All this time she was looking up at me in intervals of 2 seconds and meanwhile I decided to be tough..I kept eye contact with a very staright face I could scare a mosquito from biting if the time was 7pm. Anyway, with my face transformed to “mean”, I said my name and nationality so confidently almost angrily, she hardly listened. After which she said soflty “ooh okay. Kati let me check your records”

Yes!! I had made it. I had overcome my baby face, I had done away with my sweet tone, I had faced my foes, haha. Those people who look down at me and think they’ll say all they want in my face and get away with it. Those women who look very tired with their passionless jobs and take their misery out on lovely and polite faces like mine.