You Are Worthy

First March words! Yey! Finally got to pen something. Go check out Clay Dance Co, people!


Hola Amigos!

Easter is here!

It is at such a time as this when we also take the moment as a dance ministry to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus through energetic movement! I must add that this is a great opportunity and always an honour to be part of something bigger and it goes without saying, that we take this time to remind each other of God’s ultimate gift to us; His son, to encourage us to reflect the season with even more giving than we already have through the year.

The week of Easter is Passion/Revival week at Watoto Church, importantly to have the opportunity to share in fellowship as a church in remembrance of the sacrifice that was made for us in exchange for our lives. A time in which we pray that we can stay or come back to the first love we had. A time…

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