The Versatile Blogger Award…

I have a serious fear for hens


Thank you very much Erawko for the nomination, i am very much honoured! He’s an awesome writer, most probably famous already, but check him out if you don’t know him. As i hope not to break any rules, i should say i was secretly envying the nominees for this whole thing because there was finally something to write about. Not that i entirely had nothing to write about, i did. Tonnes. But because of what you will learn later on here…

And then meanwhile i start panicking. Yo, i am still as if new to this WordPress thing. I don’t know so much of how to use it and do all the fancy stuff people do on their blogs (read adding links. haha. But it took me a few minutes to figure that out, thankfully) . So once that was settled, a sighed a deep one and sipped some water. So here goes.. Eh, wait. The rules first..

The Rules

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.
  4. Share seven facts about yourself

Onto the 7 facts…

I could go all day without eating because i forgot to eat (who forgets to eat? I’d love to meet you so we can cry together). Someone joked about it and said i could go 24 hours without food and still do nothing about my stomach. But i mostly forget.

I love to think out loud. I could try my best to speak under my breath while walking on the street, but as soon as i am alone, i can have a serious conversation Myself_II. I prefer my critical thoughts loud and clear so i can have them engraved on the wall of space, then i can always tell Myself_II “i told you so”. Don’t worry, i am not kukus or anything. It’s all under control.

I can’t swim. It has a lot to do with the fact that i have no interest whatsoever in learning how. Maybe also because i can’t wear all my clothes to the pool or lake. Maybe also because i can’t picture myself in “bits” of clothing because I’ve got to swim.

I have a serious fear for hens. Their bodies. the softness is too much for me to handle…so same goes for animals. The hens, it’s not that bad anyway because they can try to fly around and walk past me however they like. But i CAN’T step foot in a poultry house full of the birds, and normally they can see that i am freaking out so they actually gang up on me and i have to run for my life.

I dance yo… HipHop. And soon enough, the Latin sensation will be oozing out of me. Bachata omnes!! Yuhuu!

I rarely write because i am still afraid of people. Guys… It’s not easy.

I am soft bodied and i look like a teenager. Being small, on top of that, doesn’t help things; so 1 in 50 people regard me at first sight, then i always have a field day with the continuing shock-filled faces after a few exchanges. High school kids have no fear hitting on me. Other times, conversations look like this;

Me: “eh, work today was as if how…”

“oh, you got a job in your vacation? Nice!”


“you’re… i thought you’re in your junior high vacation (F4)”


“uhmm… senior high vacation? (F6)”

at this point I’m staring blankly

“oh, university?”

“hehe, let us give up” (and i heartily laugh it off because laughing is good and it has kept me “young”)

There goes me in 7. But there’s definitely me in 1000!

All, if not most of the bloggers i follow and have never met (and they are not many), have been nominated and have even blogged already. Thanks for sharing. And i look forward to read what the rest have to say; therefore i will not manage the 15. So i will list here some of the bloggers i know personally (or not) because i am dead curious to know 7 facts about them.


Mychael you have a special gift and i want to know what you sound like when you’re not rhyming,



Pollolegendary i dig your writing as well!

Fatha you are tonnes interesting and you should write more.

Same goes for Gerard ! Please write.

Gloria i just had to repeat your nomination (i already saw it somewhere)

Snipet because you are a somewhat new friend. Hihi.

…People, please… i await. Do not make me cry, because i will surely cry.