Women @ Desks.

Sometimes I want to think that a woman behind a desk, is the worst thing that ever happened to the corporate world. Believe me. Sometimes.
I’ve had quite a number of encounters with these women, and I can assure you those were not experiences to treasure because every time I turned to leave, I prayed for an opportunity to “show them how its done”..to show these women (I am strongly refraining from calling them ladies because I think they hardly act like it) what respecting people, regardless of their age, really means. And what it means to work with people, the importance of smiling at strangers, and to be at the frontline of the enterprise, to be the definition of that business. But well..like a friend once wrote, “A customer who is angry and says nothing is a customer you have lost.” So I leave, and never get back to that office.

The other day, I had to gather 6 signatures for my final year students’ form so I can be at par with the responsible administrators before I graduate next month (yay). So anyway, even if the registrar is available, he can’t sign before the librarian because his signature comes 5th and the librarian’s is first. I made way to the library and this lady, sorry..woman, who looks like all she does is sit all day and eat, was actually eating; her fingers all oily eating the last bit of her food, fish head and stuff. Her eyebrows shooting up like as if to her hairline, she looked up at me as I told her what I was on about; sounding very disturbed, she went like “come later, I’m eating” then gave me 30 minutes.
Half an hour on the dot, I went back and when she took my form, she started to read my name trying to mumble the pronunciation and her face changed and wore this tired, confused but yet disgusted look then she asked “banange how do you pronounce this name and which country do you come from?”
Believe me, by this time I was done putting up with being polite, and the intimidation that comes with it. All this time she was looking up at me in intervals of 2 seconds and meanwhile I decided to be tough..I kept eye contact with a very staright face I could scare a mosquito from biting if the time was 7pm. Anyway, with my face transformed to “mean”, I said my name and nationality so confidently almost angrily, she hardly listened. After which she said soflty “ooh okay. Kati let me check your records”

Yes!! I had made it. I had overcome my baby face, I had done away with my sweet tone, I had faced my foes, haha. Those people who look down at me and think they’ll say all they want in my face and get away with it. Those women who look very tired with their passionless jobs and take their misery out on lovely and polite faces like mine.