NEW(S) – Day 1

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If there’s anything happening, all I can think of is my new surroundings, job and state of mind. It’s not a frenzy, but I think the real word just finally showed itself. I am not scared or unprepared; I am rather curious and just a little excited (yes, I love my job but I can’t be too excited because then my new found physical and mental freedom will sink in and I will be impulsive with my decisions…but yet I want to stay sane).

I had no idea how short the days would become for a typical 8-5 individual. Okay, I did. I’ve tried this before. I just don’t know why everything feels real(er) now. Onto the short days, they’re very short. Then this starts to make me think about the women in or out there, and or the mothers. How they even start to carry themselves off their chairs, slip on their high heels, tuck back their pumps (read flat shoes), to head back to another whole job that could either be relaxing on one very rare day or murderous on one very common day. Not that I have a family to go back to, I am just assuming; because I have a group of people I go back to every evening (or is it “go back with”) too, and my days are yet to make comfortable meaning. The transition is still fresher than ever. As for personal space, that’s a story for another day.

There’s one lady I don’t get though; The kitchen lady at work. I am almost as afraid of her as I am with hens. I said good morning in the kindest and sweetest way to the kitchen lady this morning. She didn’t respond. I asked to borrow a knife that I’ve seen a couple of times before, and she shook her head. I wasn’t offended. I was scared.

I never know when she is happy or when she is angry. Sometimes I will ask questions and she is silent; then in 2 seconds I figure out that it was one of those questions with obvious answers and then I’ll just go ahead with whatever I was thinking. On other days she will smile when I say good morning, and then I will feel like i just won a 100 metres race with Usain Bolt in it. I don’t get her. As you make your cup of coffee, she will watch you take half boiled water from the boiler and into your sugar and coffee and tell you afterwards before you stir that you have just used un-boiled water. You did not see her take out and replace the boiling water, and she did not tell you. And you did what you did because you heard her mention to another that they could use water from the boiler. I noticed also that she doesn’t have an actual laugh when she says some jokes and it is only the longer-serving employees here that can figure that out. Me I just be thinking I’m in trouble.

There’re people with interesting names too, like names of former US presidents and also people that bend the rules from 1-10. I envy those ones because they look like they get away with it. But it’s a cool place, neighboring huge malls (read a huge mall), great radio stations, nice looking fuel stations with fancy restaurants. Not that I can even go to those places. No dear. I walk further down to mama-someone’s place. So maybe sometime when I want to do one of those self-celebratory things, I should love myself a bit more and make an order on Hello Food; one time won’t kill, will it? One time won’t make me broke as a mouse…or will it?


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